Пасха (Easter)

Yesterday I saw many people preparing for today’s Пасха (Easter) feast.  Sunday April,15th on the Eastern Orthodox calender is a very big religious holiday. I noticed many beautifully colored eggs  and wonderful pastries like the кулич… Continue reading

Children in Brighton Beach

I caught these photos that day Zhanara and I walked from Sheepshead Bay to Brighton Beach Avenue. Finally got them back from the developer. The little kids were speaking English, Spanish, and Russian.… Continue reading

Brighton Beach Avenue Art Deco Apartments

There is so much beautiful architecture in Brooklyn. I’ve been eyeing this one for a while now but I could never get the right light on it. Finally I caught this shot and… Continue reading

18th Avenue, Brooklyn

I caught this photograph as I was riding my bike in Brooklyn. It double exposed somehow and I think it might have something to do with it being  the last picture on the… Continue reading

Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn

This is in the Fort Hamilton neighborhood along the N line. I love all of the stations in Brooklyn that can seemingly appear out of nowhere.

SlavVillage Restaurant

SlavVillage Restaurant in the Bath Beach Neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. This neighborhood was the backdrop for the films “Saturday Night Fever”, “The French Connection” and the television series “Welcome Back, Kotter”.

Mikhail’s Toy Collection

Mikhail Zheleznikov has taken photos of some of  his collection of toys from his childhood.

“Something in the Air”-Immigrants in Russia

The movie: “Something in the Air” Did you know that The Russian Federation is the biggest migration destination second only to the U.S? Mikhail Zheleznikov’s 2001 documentary “Something in the Air” highlights two foreigners… Continue reading

Finding the City by Bicycle

To get a sense of how a city is organized I have found that the best way is by riding a bicycle. I have had lots of experience riding my bicycle to “find… Continue reading


Here’s an image  I made of an Elektronika-302 Soviet manufactured tape player. You can check out the video below that shows the tape player in action(with different knobs and buttons.Was it a newer version?) with… Continue reading