Shashlyk and Volga as Installation

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As a grand finale for our project we re-created The Steppe with the installation of a mangal (Turkish grill) with Shashlyk (kebab) in the backyard of The Museum of the Moving Image for the opening night.  We used Maxim Tumenev’s Uzbek recipe of shashlyk marinade with Georgian sparkling water. We then served Soviet Champagne (from Belarus), Russian Vodka, Georgian wine, Georgian Lavash (bread) cooked in tandor ovens, and Adjika (Georgian salsa) made from scratch. Maxim performed skewering and grilling of the meat in front of the audience attending the opening. 

As a final touch to the installation, Dmitri, a Soviet car aficionado from Brighton Beach, drove in his 1962 GAZ 21i car and parked it next to the mangal. His car was a beautiful touch and generous contribution to our project!