ПАСХА (EASTER) Dinner with Irina and Maxim

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Yesterday, Zhanara and I were invited to a Sunday Orthodox Easter dinner at the home of our friends  Maxim and Irina. We made the trip from Morningside Heights to the Coney Island neighborhood in about 1 and a half hours on the subway train. We arrived earlier than we expected and walked to a market where we picked up some Russian chocolates with the wine we brought. We found a large Russian supermarket that had a great variety of products to choose from.

We walked over to Irina and Maxim’s place and were greeted with warm  hugs, and kisses on the cheek and we made our way to the table to have a dinner of cooked goose stuffed with brown rice and prunes, and several salads that they had prepared for us.  Great conversation was had. We discovered that our friend Maxim was a true Gourmand as he showed us many of the wonderful things he had in their pantry. The slideshow reveals how Maxim is no stranger to the kitchen as he moves with grace and confidence when he slices the goose. It was perfectly cooked! He says the trick is to encrust it with salt a day before and then cook it with the salt as it slides off beneath the goose and settles below the fat that renders during baking. We were sure to take some of the goose fat for frying potatoes in the near future.

After dinner we sat down to watch many of the Russian variety shows on the television. 

Then we got to see some videos on the computer of the singer Rosa Rymbaeva on a variety show in 1979.

Afterwards we took an evening walk on the boardwalk and enjoyed the warm weather along the Atlantic Coast. It was truly a beautiful day in Brooklyn!