Otar & Vladimir

We met Otar  and Vladimir on the street here in Brooklyn in front of one of our favorite Uighur restaurants.  Otar is from Tblisi, Georgia and Vladimir is Korean from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. We sat down and got a chance to meet them and briefly talk about their life in Brighton Beach. These gentleman have been here in New York  for many years but almost only speak in Russian. We are fascinated by the fact that here in America there are many realities that exist and in fact there are many elements of the Soviet Union alive with us today. Though the Soviet Union no longer exists the people who existed within that time and space still live, love, and dream here in America.

Another feature we noticed in this neighborhood is that many of the stores have purposely placed chairs for many of the people in the neighborhood. Along Brighton Beach Avenue people sit and talk about the day and for the  most part they are older and perhaps retired but still contribute to the daily life by being in public space and sharing their opinions, and overall presence and watchful eye over the neighborhood.  I made a little Sumi Ink painting to give you a sense of how people sit on the street here. The gentleman in the picture is the chef of the restaurant on his break.